Real EstateThe Dennis Difference April 4, 2021


Success in real estate is in direct correlation to your network of potential clientele and without it, continued success in the industry may be difficult. Today, the way we interact with others is changing, and coming up with new ways to connect with your clients can be challenging. Marketing yourself as the agent that your clients can trust is key to gaining the business that you’re striving for.

To stand out from the seemingly endless sea of real estate agents out there, it is vital to market your individual personality.  Your personal brand is your voice in the marketplace and is how most people get to know you before they actually meet you.  To help build your personal brand consider the following questions:

      • What characteristics do you possess that are likely to help you attract clients?
      • How does your personality play a part in your business marketing strategies?
      • How can you relate your hobbies and interests to your clients / potential clients?

These types of questions are important to consider when developing your marketing strategy.  After all, being a Realtor is about more than selling homes, it’s about building relationships!  So, making your personality known will have a lasting impact on the people you interact with.  The easiest way to start is to add your contacts to your social media network.  Then begin making regular posts about yourself, your business, and your community in order build an online presence and keep your name top of mind.  It is important that when marketing your business or answering questions, to make sure that you interact in ways that are relatable to your audience in order to provide a sense of comfort and trust. When the time comes, your clients will know who to call! 

We know it sounds easy but sometimes making connections is tough.  So, how do you start making those new connections?  We’re glad you asked!

There are plenty of ways to meet people in day-to-day life who may need your assistance in real estate! Start with who you already know and tell them to spread the word about your career in real estate. The Leading Real Estate Companies of the World has put together a list of different categories of client sources you can use to build your clientele that you may not have thought of.  Here are a few!


Relatives! Isn’t it about time to send Aunt Betty a note – how about nieces and nephews, now married and fast approaching the homebuying age? Do they know you can help them?


The neighbor you depend on to let you know about a zoning change, the change in the bus route, the school closing, why the street is torn up. Not only is your neighbor in the know about civic matters, but in the course of getting in on protest meetings, gets to know a lot about the neighborhood. He’s probably heard many times, “Well, I’m moving so I don’t care what they do in this neighborhood anymore!” And there is your cue.


A large percentage of garage sales are the direct result of a transfer. Moving sales are a dead giveaway. While the local paper can give the subtle agent a chance at a referral (or potential listing), actually attending the sale and offering referral services on a direct basis may prove more effective and worth your time. Who knows, they may be selling the “white elephant” of your dreams…


Military personnel commonly move all over the country with regularity. Wouldn’t it make their job so much simpler to have a good relocation service to assist?


With the vast number of people involved in the medical field, surely you must have overlooked an acquaintance that might introduce you to the personnel manager of one of the local hospitals. It is common knowledge that doctors usually move on an average of every two years during the early part of their careers.

These are just a few suggestions on how you can make initial contact with potential clients and start building your business. If you’re interested in taking your career in real estate to the next level with innovative ideas, continuous training, and outstanding support, check us out!  We’ve been building relationships for over 45 years and invite you to come experience The Dennis Difference!