Dennis Realty Cares November 12, 2020

Thanksgiving Food Drive 2020

Brought to you by Cassidy Spitler:

Dennis Realty is supporting the local community and collecting for the Metropolitan Ministries Thanksgiving food drive. We will be collecting non perishable food items today through Thursday, November 19th. You can drop off the non perishable food at the Lutz, Brooksville or Hernando Beach locations. We also have a link to an Amazon shopping list. The link will take you to the shopping list where you can purchase any items on the list and get it shipped directly to our Lutz office to be added to the food drive. Thank you everyone for your support and Happy Thanksgiving. 

For any questions please contact Cassidy at 813-949-7444 EXT 143.

Dennis Realty November 1, 2020

Heroes On The Move – Giving Back to Our Everyday Heroes

Heroes On The Move – Home Rebate Program for Everyday Heroes

Heroes On The Move is an amazing rebate program designed to give back to our everyday heroes. When a hero buys or sells a home through the Heroes on the Move program, they’ll receive a rebate based on the actual sales price – not a fixed amount based on a range of pricing – and you’ll receive your rebate at the closing!

We understand your job is challenging and that you put in long hours to serve our community. We aim for this program to show how thankful for the services our everyday heroes provide. 

Who Are the Everyday Heroes?

  • Active Military & Veterans

  • Law Enforcement

  • Firefighters

  • EMT Services

  • Health Professionals

  • Teachers & Educators


How Do I Apply For The Rebate?

Applying for Heroes On The Move is as simple and requires a bit of basic information.

To apply for the rebate: Visit and scroll to the bottom to fill out the registration form.

For more information please see our Frequently Asked Questions list, contact online , or by phone at 844-944-0343.

Dennis Realty September 4, 2020

Search the MLS for Free

Hello Tampa & Future Home Buyers!

The power of starting your home search is now available to you! With our site you now have access to the MLS database at your fingertips! Here at Dennis Realty we have an interactive IDX search tool that feeds live daily listing data for home buyers and sellers. Search across major metro areas like Tampa, St. Pete, Hernando Beach, Odessa, New Port Richey, & beyond

Start your search no matter your local and time of day here: Here!

To stay updated on listings or specific areas create an account today.

Any questions or comments?  Contact us today!

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Dennis Realty Cares September 3, 2020

Dennis Realty – The Children’s Home of Tampa Bay – Tennis Court Renovation

Dennis Realty is very proud to have had the opportunity to coordinate a successful renovation project to improve the tennis courts for The Children’s Home of Tampa Bay.

Established in 1892, it is the oldest charity in the Tampa Bay area. The organization strives to strengthen families in the surrounding Tampa Bay area through a variety of programs, which includes the residential home for children who have been abused, neglected or abandoned. The property has grown to 80+ acres and is located at 10909 Memorial Highway in Tampa, FL.

At Dennis Realty, we facilitate year-round fundraising activities to raise money for The Children’s Home. While we were taking a tour of the property, we noticed that the tennis courts were in complete disarray. Since the home relies heavily on donations, and we provide property management services, we decided we wanted to do our part and help see the tennis court renovation was completed so the children could utilize them and participate in the athletics and sports program at The Children’s Home.




Very special thanks to the following corporate participants for making this project possible:
Carl Stratton, Broker at Dennis Realty & Dennis Realty Property Management
Bob Krause of The Children’s Home, Inc.
Mr. George Todd of Welch Tennis
Mr. Jerry Britt of SealMasters
Mr. Mike Pratt of MP Tennis
Lisa Simmons (Volunteer)

For more information on how to volunteer or donate to The Children’s Home, please visit them online at Visit Dennis Realty online at or call 813-949-7444 today!

Dennis Realty Cares August 1, 2020

Grandma’s House Roof Renovation Project – Before and After

Carl Stratton with Dennis Realty & Dennis Property Management got together with Phyllis & our team of volunteers in Tampa, FL who helped us to complete the Save Grandma’s House Roof Renovation project. Carolyn brought this to our attention back in December, 2014 that Phyllis needed some help with her house, especially her roof because she had a very leaky room. It took us a little while to get going, but once we got going, it happened pretty quickly!

Phyllis is a local Tampa, FL resident who is taking care of her grandchildren and great grandchildren. She needed some help with some renovation around her home and we were able to engage a lot of our vendors, who together, made this project happen for us.

Before you can put a roof on a house, you have to have the trees cut back, so Rebecca Moody at Beaver’s Tree Service had her team cut back a large, overgrown tree so we could get the roof put on.

Then we engaged with Melissa Haan at M&M Roofing, a relatively new, but experienced roofing company located in Trinity. They work a lot with property management companies, wholesale roofing, and by word of mouth. Melissa came and looked at the project and made a commitment to participate when she saw what needed to be done.

Kim Vetzel is a project repair coordinator at Dennis Property Management and she helped contact all of the vendors. Alisha dos Santos is a Real Estate agent at Dennis Realty and she helped us with the as a way to collect donations where we were able to share it socially to a lot of network. We are very thankful to all of the Dennis Realty agents, staff, partners and community members who donated to this project and made it happen.

We collected a little bit over $1,000 of which we used ever bit of to purchase the extra wood that was needed, making several trips for supplies back & forth to Home Depot for the extra supplies that were needed.

Lisa Henderson, who is also a Realtor at Dennis Realty, was also very instrumental in working with us on this.

We’d also like to thank a few other vendors that we could not have succeed on this project without the help of including Doug Clowes at Foster’s Roofing who helped us with getting all of the materials donated. John & David Foster, owners of Foster’s Roofing donated materials with the help of Larry Johnson at ABC Supply who also coordinated some discounts for the supplies. Stuart Tapley at GAF donated all of the shingles for the roof and Rich Dard at the local ABC Supply introduced us to John who gave us the dry-in for the project, and he also introduced us to Trent Cotney, an attorney and his team here in Tampa who assisted us with some of the legal aspects of the cause.

We’d also like to thank a few other vendors that we could not have succeed on this project without the help of including Doug Clowes at Foster’s Roofing who helped us with getting all of the materials donated. John & David Foster, owners of Foster’s Roofing donated materials with the help of Larry Johnson at ABC Supply who also coordinated some discounts for the supplies. Stuart Tapley at GAF donated all of the shingles for the roof and Rich Dard at the local ABC Supply introduced us to John who gave us the dry-in for the project, and he also introduced us to Trent Cotney, an attorney and his team here in Tampa who assisted us with some of the legal aspects of the cause. Together we can do a lot, and this job would’ve been about a $9,000 job so we are happy to make this happen for Phyllis. There is additional work that needs to be done on the inside of the house and we would love to engage more vendors and do some more fundraising to see if we can help further. Phyllis said, “I just feel so blessed that I had Carolyn introduce me to Carl and all of his staff at Dennis and all the other people that contributed. Every time it rains, I sit in there and watch out the sliding glass door and think how thankful and how blessed I am”, and we were very happy to help her with this project. Thanks to everyone who contributed to make this project a success!

To learn more about Dennis Realty, visit our website at

Vendor Credits:

Melissa Haan at M&M Roofing – John & David Foster at Foster’s Roofing –

Doug Clowes at Foster’s Roofing – Rebecca Moody at Beaver’s Tree Service –

Larry Johnson at ABC Supply – Stuart Tapley at GAF –

John Walker at APOC – Trenty Cotney, Attorney –

William Woods at Trent Cotney, Attorney –

Dennis Realty June 23, 2020

Egg House Hatches Real Estate Empire

Egg House hatched a Real Estate Empire

Pasco Times February 21st 1999 written by Logan S. Mabe

Land O’ Lakes, FL – She started out working out of an egg house, right next to the chicken coops, way down a dirt road out in the middle of nowhere. Juanita Dennis began her quarter century Career in real estate so far off the beaten path, it took more than the multiple listings to make a name for herself. It took drive, determination and a lot dues paying.

“She’s a real motivator” said Vince Arcuri, one of the top-selling agents at Dennis ERA Realty in Land O Lakes, who has known his boss since he was 7 years old. “She’s one of those rah-rah types of people. Real estate is really a cut-throat business, but through the years, she has really maintained an impeccable reputation.” “She’s done a wonderful job here,” said Land O Lakes development attorney Tim Hayes “She’s one of our Lutz- Land O Lakes success stories. She’s one very hard worker, very organized, and has set very lofty goals, many of which she has already accomplished.” “I knew she would be a success.” Said Brenda Landis, owner and president of All Realty Title in Lutz. “She’s a very aggressive, very shrewd businesswoman. She broke ground in real estate when it wasn’t fashionable for women to be in real estate. Twenty Five years ago, it was a man’s profession.”

Dennis, a mother of two, moved to Lutz with her husband Robert in 1964. That’s when Robert got his broker’s license and begin moving properties. In 1973, he formed Dennis Realty and Investment Corp. Two years later, Juanita got her real estate license and got busy. “We started with a name, a license and worked out a little egg house next to our home,” Dennis said “There was a sign off Crenshaw Lake Road, but you had to go down a dirt road to get to the office. It was a 10 acre chicken farm and we had two huge 135 foot chicken coops. Then there was this little house where they kept the eggs cool.” Out of that small, concrete building Dennis launched her empire. She celebrated her 25th anniversary in real estate last month with a big bash at Avila, not that far from the old Egg house, but light years away from it in terms of success. Out of ERA’s more than 3,500 officers, Dennis ERA is consistently in the top 100, finishing in 68th position last year, Dennis said. The office with about 60 agents on board, Did $61.5 million in business last year, she said. For Dennis, those numbers aren’t peaks but bigger steps at the career ladder that seems to lead nowhere but up.

You hear a lot about goals in the real estate business. Agents and brokers have goals, office managers have goals, agency presidents have goals. Despite having reached a rather lofty position in the industry, Dennis has never stopped setting goals for herself. 

“The first year I was in business, 1975, my income at that time was $11,500, which was actually very good.” said Dennis a Nashville Tennessee native whose rolling Southern drawl wraps itself easily around such matter of fact statements. “I exceeded my goal. I was a top producer. I didn’t realize I was, but I sold and listed a lot of property.” Dennis said she learned her trade mostly through trial and error, picking up pointers here and there from other pros. The daughter of a minister and a homemaker, Dennis found an easy alliance with Robert, who specialized in land sales while she focused on home sales. “I basically took the company and ran with it,” Dennis said. Quickly, Dennis carve out a niche for herself in the sleepy suburbs of North Tampa, Lutz and Land O’ Lakes, which bore little resemblance then to the boom-town the area has become. “There was no gas stations, absolutely no grocery stores, and very little business,” Dennis said. “You had to go down to Bearss Avenue, and there wasn’t much there either. To get groceries, you had to go down even further south.” Dennis concentrated her efforts in Lutz home sales, and as the area prospered so did she.

In 1980, the Dennises moved from the Egg house to a 1,200 square-foot building on U.S. 41. “We thought we’d died and gone to heaven,” she said.  Then, in 1988, they added a second story to the building and joined the ERA Realty organization. In 1996, they moved a little further north into Land O’ Lakes, building another two-story office, the home of only the second elevator in Land O’ Lakes. (The first is at the Pasco County Government building on U.S. 41 North.)

Nowadays, Robert runs the couple’s insurance and mortgage companies. Juanita has moved beyond listing and showing houses to managing the growing agency, which now does business throughout Tampa and Central Pasco. “Agents have to have the right kind of direction and training or they won’t make it,” she said. “Only two out of 100 will make it. But if they have the desire, commitment and direction and training, they definitely are going to make it.” That was the case with Arcuri, a former fuel handler with Tampa Electric, whose blue-collar job had him plodding home every day toolbox in hand, covered in coal dust. “Juanita really encouraged me to get into real estate, so in 1991 I did,” Acura said. “And I’ve done pretty well. They just sent me a letter saying that I was ranked in the top one-fifteenth of 1 percent among all the ERA agents in the world.” Through the odds of realizing that kind of success are long, Dennis said there’s no great secret to the business she excelled in.

“Commitment, working with a goal and prosperity… that’s probably the secret to success,” she said. “It’s just talking to people who want to sell or buy real estate. The rest of it is not too hard.”

Juanita Dennis

Juanita Dennis and Carl Stratton 

Dennis Realty June 9, 2020

Dennis Realty is a Member of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World

Hello I’m Carl Stratton Broker of Dennis Realty & Investment Corporation, a member of the Leading Real Estate companies of the world. As a member of this elite network featuring over 565 of the finest local and regional real estate companies. We are the Largest network of independent brokers worldwide. You know Real Estate is a Local business and our Local and Regional brands dominate in more markets around the world. Leading Real Estate companies of the world links Dennis Realty to our network of trusted brand names under one umbrella to help you make the connection of quality from market to market . Our Network Includes over 4100 Offices, 130,000 sales associates across 65 countries. Collectively our group produced over 1.1 Millions transactions last year valued at over 368 billion dollars more than any other National Real Estate brand. When you see the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World logo, you may rest assured it stands for quality and strength. It tells you that you are working with the very best of the best. If you’re contemplating buying or selling real estate locally or anywhere in the world Call Dennis Realty and put our Relocation network to work for you. 


Dennis Realty May 28, 2020

About Us

Dennis Realty has been a trusted resource for buyers and sellers of real estate since 1973. Founded by Robert and Juanita Dennis, their vision was to build a real estate company that supported strong local agents who provide customers excellent real estate services.

The first office was established in Lutz Florida where Dennis Realty maintains its corporate office today. Dennis Realty has grown to be a prominent local real estate company with several offices providing service to Pasco, Hillsborough, Pinellas, Hernando, and Citrus counties. We are not only Local, We are Global with robust National and International Relocations Services.As a member of The Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, we are a part of the worlds market-leading independent residential brokerages in over 65 countries and over 130,000 sales associates worldwide. This by-invitation–only network is based on the unparalleled performance and trusted relationships that result in exceptional client experiences.

We do more than just sell real estate, Dennis Property Management is a full service Property Management company which provides stress free leasing, repairs and rent collection services for Single Family Homes, Condos, Duplex and Multifamily properties. We are an active member of NARPM, “The National Association of Residential Property Mangers”. Which is the premiere professional association designed to bring an effective professional learning and member support system ensuring our property managers are on the top of all the current issues effecting residential property management.

For your convenience we also offer a full service, in-house Title and Settlement Services. Arrow Title is dedicated to putting our customers first and providing a stress free experience all the way to the closing table. We also have an in house Insurance Company. ABC Dennis Insurance is here to provide you with free Homeowner Insurance quotes anytime and provide you service before and after your purchase.

If you have any questions about Buying or Selling, Leasing or Renting, Closing or Insuring real estate please feel free to give us a call and it would be our pleasure to put our family of businesses to work for you.

Dennis Realty September 15, 2018

Dennis Realty Celebrates 45 Year Strong Anniversary

On September 14th 2018, Dennis Realty Celebrated 45 years in business with a company 70’s themed party. Dennis Realty Agents and Employees dug out and sought out their 70’s style and brought their best 1970’s spirit to the party. Many of the partygoers came as flashbacks from the days of disco, others from the spirit of peace as flower children and hippies and others dressed up as their favorite 70’s TV show actors or entertainers. Big Elvis was in the house along with The Skipper and Ginger from Gilligan’s Island and Shaggy and Scooby. Oh, let’s not forget Foxy Cleopatra, Yeah Baby! There was no lack of enthusiasm at this Dennis Realty Celebration.

Dennis Realty was founded by Robert and Juanita Dennis in 1973 in Lutz Florida. The company started from humble beginnings back when Lutz was considered the outskirts of town and Land O Lakes and Wesley Chapel was “way out in the country.” With a dream of building a business, Robert and Juanita Dennis went to work selling land and houses and finding key agents. They bought a little house in Lutz off Hwy 41 and turned it into their first Real Estate office. After many years of working and growing and adding on to the building Robert and Juanita decided to build an office for their growing company. In 1995, they broke ground on the Dennis Realty building in Lutz located at 1022 Land O Lakes Blvd, Lutz, FL 33549. Dennis Realty’s Corporate office is also home of Dennis Property Management, Arrow Title and ABC Dennis Insurance. Dennis Realty currently has 3 additional offices in Hernando Beach of Spring Hill, Brooksville and St Petersburg. Dennis Property Management is our in-house full service Property Management Company currently serving Landlords and Investors in Hillsborough, Pasco, Hernando and Pinellas Counties.

Robert Dennis spoke at the event and said “I appreciate all the work everyone is doing and also thank you to all the original people who helped build the company in the beginning and those who are no longer with us.” Mr. Dennis also commented that he did not remember much of the wild side of the 70’s since he was busy raising his family and working on building their real estate business. Carl Stratton, General Manager / Broker of Dennis Realty said he didn’t realize we had so many Groovy People at Dennis Realty and we have many exciting plans for the future.

The event was also partially sponsored by Arrow Title, ABC Dennis Insurance and Tommy Gainer / Branch Manager of Land Home Financial Services. Dennis Realty is a Full Service Real Estate Company. For more information visit us at or contact us at 813 949-7444.


Dennis Realty 45 Year Strong Anniversary Cake

Robert Dennis and Carl Stratton Speaking at Dennis Realty 45 Year Strong Anniversary Party

In 1995 Robert and Juanita Dennis broke ground on the Dennis Realty Lutz Office

Dennis Realty Cares December 15, 2016

Toys for Tots Drive 2016

Dennis Realty Toys for Tots 2016 with Carl Stratton & Lisa Henderson are proud to participate in Toys for Tots for the 9th year in a row.

This year the Dennis Realty and Dennis Property Management staff had immense help from the community in raising more donations than we have ever collected for Toys for Tots.

Thank you to Lisa Henderson, the head of the Toys for Tots charity on the Dennis Realty Charity Board, for making this drive possible.

Carl Stratton, Broker and General Manager of Dennis Realty, thanks everyone for their support and wishes everyone a Merry Christmas.